Written by Steve Brubaker on March 13 2018
Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is the dollar amount that represents a customer’s worth to your business from first transaction to last.

CLV Calculation = Revenue x Gross Margin x Average Number of Repeat Purchases 

CLV is a powerful metric because even small increases in CLV can lead to huge gains...
Written by Steve Brubaker on February 28th 2018
We often speak about the “customer journey” or the overall experience that a customer has with an organization. The customer journey starts when a customer first interacts with a brand, and continues each subsequent time.     

Here’s the thing about the customer journey, though...
Written by Steve Brubaker on February 15th 2018
Today, I challenge you to focus on one aspect of your Customer Care strategy: Differentiation.     

In other words, what can you do to separate your customer experience from other competitors in your space?    

One of the best ways to differentiate your services is to focus on improving...
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